Mar 9 2023 - Vacpacked With All Of My Puffy Gear, Pvc Aprons Quilt & Pillow

  • 43 min

Description: at first this session started out very relaxing, i really enjoy being sealed up in the purple hiviz vest. i have to have a go with it again soon, i really enjoy the pvc pocket on the chest over my mouth and nose. after that added my hiviz coveralls, my smelly mechanics coveralls and then my two puffy jackets. forgot to take my heavy puffy overalls with me on this session which just gives me more enticing reason to have another session with all my puffy gear. i finished the session with my pvc aprons and pillow over my head. the pillow really did a good job squishing my face under the smooth smothering aprons. it was sooo tight. i will have to have a go again with the pvc aprons and pillow again as well, that is a really fun way to hit the finale, bdsm, hd videos, gay bondage, american, gay bdsm bondage, gay breath control, breathe control, fetish

Starring: StrapsKinks

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